Monday, March 4, 2013

Don't Be An Old Fool by Dr Daryl Green

I enjoyed this book very much for many reasons. The chapters are short, but very much to the point. Even the size of the print and the amount of "white space" on the page is user-friendly. The introductory real-life "scenario" gives you an idea of what is to be discussed. By using the scenario, it is possible to relate what is happening in the story to one's own life. The introduction goes on to explain what is coming and then you get to the "meat" of the chapter.

Each chapter is clear and easy to understand. Each chapter contains very specific and very positive ways that one can improve their lives. I especially like the bulleted points or questions that the author gives to make you examine your own life in relationship to the focus of the chapter. The conclusion wraps everything up and gives you food for thought. The chapters almost always include references to other books so the reader can go and research further into a specific subject area. This is very helpful if a certain topic is especially interesting to the reader.

Although religion is mentioned in almost every chapter, it is not in a "preaching" way. It is done through Bible verses that directly relate to the topic, and often there are references to other Bible verses that could help one understand the topic better. The positive focus of the book makes it a good read and after finishing a section, the reader leaves with a happy feeling. The suggestions are very clearly stated and are possible to achieve. The reader does not have to read the entire book, but can concentrate on the section that is most relevant to their live.

I think one of the best things about the book is the fact that all the suggestions are realistic and practical. When one is finished, they feel good about their lives and are ready to go and try some of the suggestions in their everyday life. Everyone reading this book can walk away with some information or thought that help them achieve more in their personal lives. It is apparent the author knows and understands his subject matter as well as the type of reader who needs to read his material and be able to act on his direction and follow through many days after closing the cover. The age limit on readership is easily from teenagers up to senior citizens.

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