Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The Simple Golf Swing Review

Hey guys, today I'm going to talk a bit about The Simple Golf Swing. First I have to start off by saying that I was very pleasantly surprised by this product, because in the golf industry there are a lot of garbage guides and so called pros giving bad advice. The Simple Golf Swing was a breath of fresh air for me because after unsuccessfully trying a lot of online advice, I was finally able to see some tangible results on the golf course.

The package comes with both an e-book and instructional videos, and both were very well presented and easy to follow. Everything you need for a professional level swing is covered, from grips to ball placement to weight distribution right to the detailed breakdown of the swing itself. As an intermediate golfer my biggest goal was to develop consistency with my swing and this guide was perfect for my needs.

That's another thing Id like to address before I get into my results, that there are no miracles in the golf world. You should definitely get out on the range and drill your new swing and take your time, because as we all know golf doesn't come easy and it does take practice so I don't want anybody thinking that they'll be knocking 10 strokes off their game just by watching the videos and reading the guide. I would say a 5-10 stroke improvement for an intermediate level golfer is very achievable within your first few weeks of implementing the guide however. You just have to put in the effort on the course to physically attempt what David teaches in this course.

With that being said, I noticed an immediate benefit to both my long and short game the very same day I got this product when I got out on the range and started trying out what I'd learned. Because the guide is so easy to follow, I had no problem applying the techniques the very same day in practice. Let me add that I'm no golf prodigy or anything, so if I could pull off the techniques and modify my game so quickly then I think anybody could do the same with a bit of practice. Seeing these quick results was exactly the motivation I needed to push on because as a golfer I need more than just book knowledge, I want to see those actual measurable results on the course.

I felt a lot more relaxed and natural and I noticed my swing was much more consistent than usual, I wasn't hitting slices or hooks like I used to. My shots were going straight down the pipe and my accuracy was the best it's ever been. Within a couple of these experimental sessions on the driving range I was pretty excited to test out how I'd fare in a full game of golf, and let me tell you, I couldn't have been more pleased. I shot the best game of my life, and my individual shots held up in a game situation like I'd hoped. I added about 20 yards to my driver, and averaged 10-15 extra yards to my irons. The best part though was having the confidence that I could repeat that solid swing over and over for the entire 18 holes.

My one issue with the course was the price; it is a bit on the pricey side at $67. For me though it was well worth the cost to improve my game so much, so you just have to look at it as an investment.

To wrap up, I would highly recommend you check out The Simple Golf Swing, in my opinion it's the top golf guide on the net.

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