Thursday, February 21, 2013

There Is A Place Called Hell And It Really Exists

The Lake Of Fire:

This book is a frightening account given by a man called Bill Wiese who was plunged into Hell by The Almighty at 3:00 a.m. in the morning and experienced what it is like in this place. It was for 23 minutes only but that was enough time for him to be moved to try and get his message across to as many people as he could to avoid it at all costs. He reveals that Hell is located 3,700 miles within the earth's structure towards the planet's core. It is populated by demonic creatures who want to torment spirits condemned there for the rest of eternity. These demons have a hatred for both God and man alike.

The man emphasises the horribleness of the Lake Of Fire and what goes on there. His personal testimony is of being in a cell getting beaten up by large beasts where God only allowed him to partially feel the physical pain. The next experience he had was literally of the fires of Hell itself where people are burning away in their own individual furnace and prevented from getting out by the demonic beings that want them to continue suffering along with themselves. He describes his feelings of helplessness and also the hopelessness of being lost there forever.

However, during this experience he was taken out and brought into the wonderful presence of Jesus who reminded him of the fact that he had been a Christian therefore he was saved. Christ informed him that it is His wish that nobody be sent to Hell and wept over the spirits dropping through the shaft going into the Lake Of Fire.

It was The Lord's intentions that Bill be sent there so that he could tell as many people as possible about the torment he suffered during this twenty three minute episode. Even some Christians don't believe in Hell but the gentleman cannot assert strongly enough that it is time to be saved from this place immediately as, if you were not and died, it would be too late as you would be sent to an area where the most nagging aspect of being there is the knowledge of the fact that the torment is never going to end. It is for the rest of time and final.

The book answers a lot of questions about who is subject to eternal damnation and what the experience of residing in Hell is like. But this individual also comforts us that The Lord is not a God of condemnation and re-iterates that He wants you to spend the rest of time in the Paradise which is Heaven with Him. It really is so sad as Bill reveals that it is people who basically send themselves there by their unbelief or their reluctance to accept that Jesus Christ paid the price for their sins. It is not so much your sins that get you condemned but the lifetime you have spent rejecting The Lord also.

In addition to this e-book, which can be purchased through ClickBank, is access to over seventy DVD's (available at no extra cost if the book is bought) of testimonies given by people who have had similar experiences of not only Hell but Heaven too. The one thing about all of these stories is that they all depict the Lake Of Fire and Paradise in the same vein which means they are real and not just imagined.

It is time to commit your life to Yeshua now because, if you don't, you will pay the ultimate price and regret it forever.

Cormac G. McDermott has just recently started working from home.

He likes to promote products that he has a keen interest in. He lives his life according to the same healthy principles of the things he enjoys marketing. His passions are faith, spirituality, clean-living and healthy lifestyle, hard work & writing comedy.

He graduated from University College, Dublin in 1995 with a master's degree in economic science.

He writes books of his own uniquely witty humour when inspired and has been diagnosed as being a genius.

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