Friday, February 15, 2013

Why EBooks? Let Me Tell You Why

With an ever-growing presence and reader base, have you ever thought of publishing your book as an eBook? In addition to a printed version or on its own, eBooks have a much lower production cost, can be distributed worldwide with no shipping costs, no need for inventory and alleviates the question of "how many copies will I need?". These are just some of the benefits to the author/publisher, but let's not forget about the readers! Imagine storing a whole library, that could take a complete room in your house, into one small device that weighs no more than five pounds...and now think of how much that would free you up. Traveling has just become that much easier. You are no longer forced to limit yourself by suitcase space or having to guess which book you will feel more like reading once at your can bring them all along and read what ever you want whenever you want. Is it any wonder why eBooks are outselling print? These are only a select few benefits that eBooks offer to both authors and readers.

It has been noted that eBook readers tend to read more than those reading print books (25 eBooks to 15 hard copies). The market is even noticing that eBook readers are its power-buyers. That's to say, printed books are sold usually one or two at a time while eBooks sell between three and five per transaction.

So to sum up the major benefits of eBooks over print, for authors/publishers:

- Growing reader base, as print has been on a decline for years, eBooks are steadily increasing.

- Very low production cost. You need only convert your book into an eBook once and it can be sold over and over (and no worries about having to reprint or warehouse over's).

- Worldwide distribution with no shipping costs.

- Higher commissions than with printed copies.

The added benefits of eBooks for readers:

- Massive storage.

- Easy travel making reading a possibility virtually anywhere you are.

- Changing font size to adapt to YOU. Your eReading device is customized to your likings and settings.

- The cost of eBooks are often times much less expensive than printed books. There are also thousands of free eBooks that are available.

These are only a few of the many benefits eBooks offer over printed books, but as you can see, these benefits propose such value. Reading has be given a second breath with eBooks. With more and more books and comics being made into movies, the added ease of watching TV shows (TiVo, Netflix, downloads), video games and all the activity taking place on the Internet - reading has been taking a backseat to so many other interests. eBooks are bringing the love of reading back as it enters the digital world. Convenience, customization, availability, low price...what more can you ask for?

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